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A Life Insurance Company with an International Focus
TriCap Assurance is an independent, privately owned, Life Insurance Company incorporated and registered as an Exempted Segregated Portfolio Company under the laws of the Cayman Islands on October 2007 (registration no. CS-196263). In November 2007 TriCap was granted a Class "B (iii)" insurer's license (no. 2816).

Our skilled and experienced team is focused on quality service, a personal approach, identification of the specifics of each case and flexible product structuring.

TriCap Assurance is regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) and is FATCA and CRS compliant.
Important statement
TriCap Assurance S.P.C. does not give tax advice nor does it comment on any tax advice given by a third party. The Policy Applicant(s) must seek for their own tax advice prior to applying for a TriCap policy.

TriCap does though reserve the right to refuse applications which are deemed non-compliant with the Company's Corporate Governance, and/or Risk Assessment Policy, Code of Conduct etc. without giving any specific reason.

Want to know more?
Sussex House, Suite 200
128 Elgin Avenue 
P.O. Box 31298  
George Town Grand Cayman 
KY1-1206 Cayman Islands